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After Care

Tattoo is a procedure of injecting inks into the epidermis using a needle.

Please take good care of tattoo area until all the dead skin cells peeled off naturally and the ink is well absorbed to the skin.

Roseola, tickling, redness and etc. may appear during the healing process.

Apply a thick layer of Vaseline before showing to prevent the tattoo area from getting wet (1 week)

Apply this ointment more than 5 times a day, very thin and often (2 ~ 3 weeks)

* You MUST wash your hands before you apply Bepanthol

* Avoid any contamination on the tattoo area

* Please wear soft fabric clothes to prevent friction


Your artist will attach a medical film on the tattoo area after the session to prevent stains from sticking out. After taking a shower today, remove the film and gently wipe off the discharge and ink with a wet tissue or water. Apply Bepanthol after air-drying your skin. There may be inks coming out next day but it’s a natural reaction. Don’t worry about it.

3rd day

After 3 days, you could see dead skin cells on the tattoo. Depending on the type of your skin, dead skin cell will appear later or even not. Apply Bepanthol so that the tattoo does not get dried until all the dead skin cells are removed. It’s important to apply Bepanthol VERY THIN with CLEAN HANDS. Don’t scratch it even if it’s itchy. Tapping near the tattoo is fine.


1 week

Dead skin cells get naturally removed within 1-3 weeks. Never remove them on purpose and be careful not to get rubbed. At first, dead skin cells will partly fall apart and it can make colors look lighter. This is completely normal. You can check the final color of the tattoo after all the dead skin cells are removed.


A month

Even though all dead skin cells are gone, it doesn’t mean that your skin is healed completely. Unobservable parts may be still in progress of healing. Avoid skin irritation for two weeks after the removal of dead skin cells because tattoo area and surroundings are vulnerable to irritation and can easily dry out. Moisturize your skin with a tattoo ointment or a mild lotion.

You can take a shower immediately after the session, but don’t use hot water.

Don’t let soaps or any other products soak into the tattoo.


Please do not take a bathe or swim for a month.

The treatment area is at risk of infection.

Infections cause significant effect on healed color and your skin.


Refrain drinking for 1-2 weeks.


You may do light exercise, but try be careful not to cause friction and avoid heavy exercise that makes you sweat for 1-2 weeks.


If the tattoo area has redness or get feverish, it can cause inflammation.

We recommend you to go to the pharmacy and take anti-inflammatory medicine in this case.

(You may also take pills in advance to prevent inflammation)

You can use an ice pack wrapped with soft cloth for treatment.

If the inflammation gets worse, we advise you to meet dermatologist.

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